A revolutionary drivetrain concept that sets new standards in mechanical and aerodynamic efficiency, eliminating the need for derailleurs and chains

Today, we launch three Driven bikes—The Hero; our proof that Driven can shift—The Venge; the most aero drivetrain in the world—and The Lux; demonstrating Driven's compatibility across multi terrains.

Showcasing our strive for innovation and the incredible efforts of our team, these bikes embody the future of Driven and the future of drivetrain technology. 

Pursuing One Percent

Driven is the result of a dream of inventing and developing a 99% efficient drivetrain. When launching the first version of Driven at the Eurobike show in 2018, we had accomplished that goal. 

But the 2018 version of Driven could not be ridden and it could not shift.

Shortly after Eurobike, we developed the first rideable version of a single-speed Driven bike. But we had to go all the way; Driven should not only be rideable but also able to shift.

The engineering battle was on.

The World's Most Efficient Drivetrain

Driven sets a new benchmark in drivetrain technology, increasing optimal efficiency to 99% and creating 49% less friction than market leaders. Unlike traditional drivetrain systems, Driven eliminates friction caused by the articulation of a chain due to its innovative pinion drive shaft design.

The Power of CeramicSpeed Bearings

To achieve ultimate efficiency, Driven utilises 21 CeramicSpeed hybrid bearings. Each bearing contains unique ceramic balls that are 58% lighter and 2.3 times harder than traditional steel, increasing the speed of the bearing by 30-50%. Each bearing works in harmony to deliver greater power, playing a pivotal role in performance and speed.


Is it fragile? Can it carry load? Why is there not a both rideable and shiftable version?

How can I ride faster today?

Whilst developments advance to bring Driven to market, a CeramicSpeed drivetrain upgrade including Bottom Bracket, OSPW System and UFO Chain, is still the fastest drivetrain available. Built with the same technology behind Driven, offering unparalleled results that achieve up to 98.37% efficiency.

Oversize Your Drivetrain

The speed gained from riding a CeramicSpeed OSPW System are the result of a lightweight carbon cage combined with high precision aluminium pulley wheels that are equipped with CeramicSpeed Bearings. The unique system can increase power savings to 2.4 watts, making it the most powerful pulley wheel system available.

Out of This World Racing

Developed for racing, the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain ensures low friction, proven to save up to 5 watts compared to a standard chain due to its unique optimisation treatment. UFO Chain is extremely smooth and easy running, offering unparalleled riding and performance.

Ride Faster for Longer

Designed for exceptional impact strength, CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets provide greater longevity than any other product on the market giving you the advantage by riding faster for longer.

Upgrade Your Ride

Start seeing results with an upgrade to a CeramicSpeed Bottom BracketOSPW System and UFO Chain for ultimate drivetrain performance second only to Driven. Additionally, a full upgrade including Headset and Wheel Kit will gain you 10-16 watts, that’s a potential 9 minute gain over an Iron distance, with no extra work needed.

Eurobike Award Winner 2018

Driven was awarded The Eurobike Award, one of the most recognised design awards in the bike industry. 366 entries were assessed and evaluated by an independent panel of expert judges.

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