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In under 3 years, Driven has achieved engineering success, awards, and an unexpected level of fanfare. We have something big on our hands! To accelerate the development of Driven and subsequent market release, CeramicSpeed is opening the Driven Project to external funding by creating a spin-out entity, Driven Technologies, Inc. You can now become an owner of Driven. Join us at Driven Technologies and be part of a bicycle revolution which is 100 years past due

Thank you!

We reached the maximum raise on Driven in less than three days! It has been some amazing days, and we are honored that so many of you chose to invest in Driven and show your trust in the project.  

The fundraising is still open for backup orders, but these will be put on a waitlist.

Driven is offering securities under Regulation CF and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D through SI Securities, LLC ("SI Securities"). The Company has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its offering, a copy of which may be obtained at www.seedinvest.com/driven/seed.

What started as a pie-in-the-sky project...

In 2018, CeramicSpeed launched the first version of Driven at Eurobike - the world's largets cycling tradeshow and expo - and won the Eurobike 2018 Innovation Award. What started as a pie-in-the-sky project with a goal of inventing a 99% efficient drivetrain, now had the world's attention. The following year, Jason Smith, and his team of engineers tackled the challenge to develop the next version of Driven - D2 - the shiftable and ridable version. 

After 2018, the development of Driven continued with a goal to combine the rideable and shiftable version into one final drivetrain that will forever change the bicycle industry. To get the full overview of where Driven is today, the business case, and how you can own a piece of Driven, go to SeedInvest.

Driven Milestones Achieved to Date


Installation of Shimano cranks on CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets

The Ideas Behind Driven

If you want to learn more about just how Driven aims to change the world of cycling forever, then head over to our journal to read what Lead Inventor Jason Smith has to say about the potentials of this innovative technology.

The world told us we couldn't

But we could.

In 2019, at the annual Eurobike, we presented three Driven bikes; the Venge, the Lux and the Hero.

The Hero was the first shiftable version of Driven, and the result of years of hard work. 
The Venge acted as the proof that Driven was the most aerodynamic drivetrain the world had ever seen. 
And the Lux was our response to the claims that Driven could never work on a full-suspension bike.

The Story Behind the Venge

During the development of a 99.2% efficient drivetrain, aerodynamic efficiency was always in the back of our mind, but speculation means nothing without quantitative testing. In collaboration with Specialized, we took the most aerodynamic road bike in the world—the Specialized S-Works Venge—and we outfitted it with our chainless Driven drivetrain. Then we put it through its paces in the renowned Specialized Win Tunnel.

The Story Behind the Hero

'The Hero' was widely considered a monumental task to achieve shiftabilty. After only 14 months since unveiling the original concept, Driven comprised a fixed front pinion and a patent-pending, wirelessly controlled, electronic shiftable rear split-pinion.

The Story Behind the Lux

Bold and uncompromising. The Driven equipped Canyon LUX MTB concept is an exploration of what the future of full suspension mountain bikes could be.

The Technology Explained

Driven is a revolutionary patent-pending bicycle drivetrain under development which sets new standards in mechanical efficiency, aerodynamic drag, and production costs by eliminating the need for derailleurs and chains. Follow the link to get the full technical description of how Driven works.

Problem vs. Solution

How Driven can revolutionize the bicycle industry and why it should

Lab Tested, Track Tested and Wind Tunnel Tested

We took Driven v2 to the Specialized wind tunnel and broke the aero record. Learn more about that and watch the video of pro triathlete Tyler Butterfield riding Driven on the track for the first time.

Cyclists and Media Embrace Driven

Driven has taken the world by storm - more than once. And not only in the cycling industry. With more than 1.4 billion web interactions, Driven went viral back in 2019.