Oversize Your Drivetrain

Ride faster for longer with a system designed and developed to answer the riders increasing need for improved drivetrain performance

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The Future Is Driven

No more chains. No more derailleurs.

Turning Power

The CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets guarantee you the lowest friction, optimised power transfer, and longest product lifetime, helping you to save watts and ride faster.

Ultimate Performance Without Compromising Quality

CeramicSpeed has been one of the leading manufacturers of high performance bearings for the cycling industry since 2000. Every single bearing is hand built in Denmark under laminar flow clean room conditions

Grand Tour Perspectives

La Vuelta starts in three days. We take a brief look at what goes on at a Grand Tour - from a mechanics point of view.

Supporting the Best

For us sponsorships are not just about providing game changing products, they're also about providing the best possible support for our athletes! And that includes looking after our athletes bikes.

Defying the Conditions

At CeramicSpeed we strive to build the best possible drivetrain products. Products with the lowest possible friction for a drivetrain. Products that perform and last. In any conditions.