Circuit Racing

Increased Top Speed with the same Engine

Insight Racing Denmark is an autonomous European branch of the American Insight Racing Team. They are competing in both European GT and endurance racing and has more than 7 years of experience.

Insight Racing maintains a large part of the cars which are participating in the DS3 Cup. In these cup races, a difference of only 1km/h can have a remarkable impact on succeeding first or last. To optimize their performance, Insight Racing has upgraded a Citro├źn DS3 with 200 HK and 300 NM with CeramicSpeed Wheel Hub Bearings.

Wheel Hub Upgrade

These wheel hub bearings have been custom made and therefore they fit perfectly into Insight Racings demands and wishes. The bearings consist of ceramic balls which are 2.3 times harder than steel and 4 times smoother. By replacing standard wheel hub bearings with CeramicSpeed Wheel Hub Bearings you will achieve a much lower friction coefficient and reduced bearing temperature, which in the end leads to increased top speed.

Normally if you wish to increase your top speed with 1 km/h you need to add 2HK more to your engine. But just by replacing standard wheel hub bearings with CeramicSpeed Wheel Hub Bearings, Insight Racing has succeeded in increasing their speed with 2 km/h. This is normally only possible if you add 4-5 HK extra to the engine.