Wheel Hubs

Reduce friction and increase stiffness with CeramicSpeed Wheel Hub Bearings

A CeramicSpeed wheel hub upgrade offers reduced friction and increased stiffness in the bearings. In some cases, friction is reduced with up to 90% in the bearing. Lower friction equals faster acceleration, higher speed and reduced fuel consumption.

The friction coefficient for dry steel is 0,8. For hardened steel against ceramic the number is 0,2.

Impact resistance

Besides high speed, CeramicSpeed Bearings also perform on a very different factor; impact resistance. All track cars have one thing in common – the need to be able to resist impact from the track.

Unlike rally cars, track cars are built with stiff settings. Stiff settings mean that the impact on the wheel bearings makes the lubrication layer on the bearing break which leads to steel rubbing against steel.

This results in what you can define as micro welding’s that damages the balls one-by-one. This doesn’t happen with a ceramic ball, due to its non-conductive nature and perfectly smooth surface.

CeramicSpeed Balls - making the difference

As with everything else, there are high and low-quality ceramic balls.  Tests have proven that a CeramicSpeed Ball can take 99% higher loads than other ceramic balls in the market. The hammer test speaks for itself.

CeramicSpeed Balls

Making the difference