Zero Current Erosion

In frequency-controlled electrical motors with standard steel bearings, stray currents can severely threaten the motor's running. Every time a current pass through the bearing, it finds the shortest way between the inner and outer ring through the steel ball.

This causes a micro weld, that is instantaneously broken and results in a small fracture on the steel ball and steel ring. This causes tell-tale signs of fluting or washboard patterns to develop in the raceway, which increases the noise and vibrations in the bearing. This condition will grow progressively worse until the motor stops working.

In contrast to steel balls, silicon nitride balls insulate against stray currents. The balls themselves form no conductive bridge between the stator and rotor of the motor, and silicon nitride has a very high insulating capacity. A hybrid bearing will effectively eliminate the issue of current damages in the bearing and extend the service life of the motor. As a bonus, the lower friction in the bearing also lowers the power consumption in the motor by ½ - 1 % due to the energy loss in the bearing being nearly 50 % lower.

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