Steel alloys

Standard and stainless steel rings of highest purity

CeramicSpeed standard steel rings are produced from high carbon chromium steel 100Cr6 / ASTM52100 with Ovako steel purity Q or better.

Xtreme & Insulate bearing rings

Our Xtreme and Insulate bearings rings are made from 100Cr6 (Nr. 1.3505), which is the globally accepted standard bearing steel. 100Cr6, when hardened properly, presents an optimum compromise between surface hardness and core toughness and it’s machinability allows for raceways with super smooth surfaces allowing quiet and long lasting bearings.


Corrotec & HighTemp bearing rings

Our corrosion resistant and heat stable bearing series are made from AISI 440C or AISI420 stainless steels. Both materials are superior to 100Cr6 in chemical resistance and hence offers a fine compromise between wear resistance and pure survival in wet or chemically contaminated environments as well as safe running with food contact approval.

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