Our various sealing systems provide solutions for all operating environments

CeramicSpeed offers three options of seals integrated in deep groove ball bearings:

Seals type RZ(2RZ)

A non-friction rubber seal which grants optimal protection for the bearing without creating undue friction even at higher engine speeds.


Seals type RS (2RS)

Friction seal offering optimal protection for the bearing while limiting potential rotation and creating friction.


Seals type Z (2Z)

Steel zhields providing fundamental bearing protection without creating friction and without limiting the bearing's potential rotation speed. 

You can see an illustration of our three options of seals here

Grease chamber seals (GCS)

The GCS is a sealing system developed by CeramicSpeed. The GCS sealing is attached on top of the existing seal, generating an extra compartment, which is then filled with grease. This creates a barrier against the infiltration of contamination from fluids, grinding elements and other particles. 

The GCS sealing systems are provided for the Y/UC bearings within an axle diameter between 20 and 80 mm as a standard.

Upon inquiry other sizes can be delivered. We guarantee short delivery time and competitive prices.

Black Plate Specifications (BPS)

The system consists of a BPS plate with seals and a corresponding housing with extra lubricating nipple. The system is installed by mounting the BPS plate between the bearing and the equipment it is mounted on. The plate is 3-4mm thick and forms a chamber in front of the bearing (see image below), which is filled with grease up to the extra lubricating nipple in the housing. A release hole prevents the pressure buildup, and ensures that the chamber is completely filled with grease.

We provide BPS sealing systems for axel sizes ranging from 20mm to 80mm. Other sizes can also be supplied on request.