A bearing that is unlikely to fail or fracture

Imagine a ball bearing in which the balls are harder and tougher than anything that comes into contact with them: dust, grit, metal filings, tiny mineral fragments… Imagine a bearing in which all contaminants are ground to microscopic powder by the balls themselves - a bearing that is unlikely to fail or fracture. 

That's the LongLife Xtreme bearing series from CeramicSpeed.

Advantages of LongLife Xtreme

  • 4-8 times longer lifetime than conventional bearings

  • Extreme resistance to contamination, heat and dust

  • Lower friction and operating temperatures

The LongLife Xtreme range also includes a “slow” version, which is suitable for slowly rotating bearings, and bearings which don’t fully rotate. Among other adjustments, the lubrication fill is increased from 30 % to 80 % on “slow” versions.

LongLife WearCoat – roller bearings

A series of roller bearings developed to increase the lifetime of bearings in contaminated environments, and bearings that are subject to high loads. The rolling elements in these bearings are coated with an extremely hard material, which makes them even more robust against foreign objects, high loads and wear. This also reduces wear on the races, increasing the lifetime of the bearing.

LongLife linear motion technologies

These products are often exposed to pollution from foreign particles, and optimal lubrication can either be difficult or undesirable. A hybrid solution reduces the need for lubrication, and increases the system’s resilience to foreign particles. At the same time wear is reduced on the part which the bushing or carriage runs on. This reduces maintenance frequency, leading to savings on rails, spindles and axles.

Our Xtreme product series can be seen in this table.