CeramicSpeed Insulate bearings are the obvious choice for modern electrical motors

CeramicSpeed Insulate ball bearings are custom made for electrical motors and your guarantee against damage caused by stray currents.

The ceramic balls used for this product series are non-conductive and have an insulating ability of 15 kV per mm - higher than that of atmospheric air.

Bearings from competing manufacturers with an insulating coating typically have an insulating ability of up to 1 kV; provided that the coating is not damaged - for example when the bearing is mounted. In practice this protection isn't always sufficient, meaning that these bearings are also vulnerable to damage by stray currents.

In addition to being protected from the passage of electrical currents, the operating temperature is 10-20 °C lower, and the resulting is a bearing life typically 4-8 times longer than traditional steel bearings.

Advantages of CeramicSpeed Insulate

  • Bearings for energy optimization
  • 4-8 times longer lifetime
  • Investment is usually repaid in the first lifecycle of a traditional bearing
  • Lower operating temperature - 10-20 °C lower than steel bearings
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Higher insulating ability - 15 kV per mm ceramic ball
  • Higher RPM - typically 50 % higher than steel bearings
  • Run better with suboptimal lubrication
  • Extremely resistant to foreign particles

Product overview

CeramicSpeed Insulate bearings are suitable for a wide range of industrial motors and could be configured to exact customer needs.

Our Insulate product series can be seen in this table.