High Temperature

Bearings for high temperature environments

The LongLife HighTemp ball bearing series is designed for use in operating environments where the temperature reaches up to 260 °C or even as high as 350 °C. Ceramic balls have a low coefficient of thermal expansion – only a quarter of that of steel balls - and don’t microweld to the races. These properties mean that CeramicSpeed HighTemp bearings can be used with a lower degree of play than other high temperature bearings, improving their function at high RPM. Ceramic balls also create a lower degree of wear on the races. When used in combination with high-quality lubricants, these bearings provide you with a solution which has an extremely long lifetime in high temperature operating environments.


Advantages of LongLife HighTemp

  • 4-8 times longer lifetime
  • High thermal stability
  • No damage under extreme temperature changes
  • Extremely resilient to corrosion and foreign particles
  • Can operate at temperatures of up to 350 °C
  • Can operate at higher speeds and temperatures in combination

Product overview

LongLife HighTemp products are suitable for a wide range of purposes, effectively covering all industrial needs in terms of bearing size and properties.

Our High Temp. product series can be seen in this table.