FDA-approved bearings for the food industry

The food industry places high demands on bearings. Besides high performance and extended lifetime, bearings require approval and certification for use in the food industry.

CeramicSpeed Long Life Corrotec bearings are approved and suitable for use in the food industry. The Corrotec series features bearings made of stainless steel with ceramic balls and lubricant approved for use in the food industry.

Advantages of LongLife Corrotec

  • Food industry (FDA) approved lubricant
  • 4-8 times longer lifetime than conventional bearings
  • Lubricant type and fill level customised according to the bearing’s application
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Lower inertia reduces the load on the races

Product overview

Corrotec FDA – Bearings with lubricant approved for the food industry

When talking about food-approved lubricants, bearings usually require constant lubrication during the production process. As an alternative, sealed bearings can be used. These are delivered with FDA approved lubricants which will last throughout the bearing's lifetime.


Corrotec FDA+ bearings approved for direct contact with food products

CeramicSpeed has launched a complete bearing program certified as FDA compliant. Thus, these bearings are approved for use in the food industry and certified for direct contact with food.

CeramicSpeed Long Life Corrotec FDA+ is a comprehensive program where all bearing components comply with the FDA requirements – and not just the lubricant.

Our Corrotec product series can be seen in this table.