Pharma and Chemical

Bearings with lubricants approved for pharmaceutical production

In production equipment for pharmaceutical and chemical industries, conventional steel ball bearings are normally not an option.

Such industries require a corrosion-free production environment and also call for bearings with very low or no lubrication needed.

In pharmaceutical industries, for example, the end product can be very sensitive to temperature changes and the heat generated in the production process must be limited. 

CeramicSpeed Long Life Corrotec bearings are highly suitable for the chemical industry and for use in pharmaceutical production equipment. The bearings are manufactured from stainless steel with ceramic balls and with lubricants approved for pharmaceutical production. Due to their low friction and insensitivity to temperature fluctuations, Long Life Corrotec bearings make accurate production temperatures easy to achieve. 

Keeping your maintenance costs down

Establishing a corrosion-free production environment is one thing - another important factor is maintenance cost. The unique features of hybrid bearings with ceramic balls mean that the life expectancy of the bearings is at least four times longer than conventional bearings.

Low friction, extreme hardness, low lubrication needs, very little temperature sensitivity - all this means that hybrid bearings last for years, not months.

Imagine the impact this will have on your maintenance and replacement costs - not to mention the fact that you will avoid frequent, costly production stops. 

On average, our customers experience a 60 % drop or more on bearing related maintenance costs after changing to CeramicSpeed bearings. You can, too. 

Find the right bearing for your application right here.

No-risk guarantee

We guarantee that the investment in hybrid bearings will pay off. If the extra cost on hybrid bearings is not returned during the actual service life of the bearings, we will supply new bearings free of cost. Contact us and find out how.

Your benefits:

  • 4-8 times longer service life
  • FDA and EC 1935 approved
  • No corrosion
  • Operational with very little or no lubrication
  • Lower operating costs
  • Super-fast ROI