Material handling

Bearings for extreme conditions

Sawmills, quarries and plastics industries all have one thing in common: heat, dust, grit and contamination of the production equipment. Machinery and conveyors have to be able to withstand extreme conditions where normal gear would just break down - and that is particularly true for the bearings that keep the equipment going. 

Hybrid ball bearings using ceramic silicon nitride balls offer significant benefits in contaminated and demanding production environments. 

The exceptional hardness of the ceramic balls themselves means that any contaminants entering the bearings will simply be ground to dust by the balls. Due to the excellent properties of the balls, the bearings are also perfectly capable of withstanding wet environments or environments with high temperature extremes. 


Most robotic applications are characterised by frequent start/stop motions and high, momentary loads - something that most conventional bearings will not withstand for long without failing. This is often due to microwelds caused by metal-to-metal contact between raceway and ball bearing. Once the motion begins, insufficient lubrication will cause the metal contact points to momentarily seize up and cause damage to the bearing. This problem does not exist when using hybrid bearings. 

No-risk guarantee

All these unique features add up to one thing: A lower maintenance budget in your production. Less frequent replacement of bearings equals better competitive power. 

In fact, we are willing to give you a unique No-risk guarantee. We guarantee that the investment in hybrid bearings will pay off. If the extra cost on hybrid bearings is not returned during the actual service life of the bearings, we will supply new bearings free of cost. Contact us and find out how.

Our product offering

CeramicSpeed LongLife Xtreme bearings are specifically designed to give you long, trouble-free service life in extreme or contaminated production environments. The bearings are also available in special "low speed" versions for slow rotations or for bearings that do not need to rotate fully.

Find the right bearing for your application right here.

Your benefits:

  • 4-8 times longer service life
  • Extreme resistance to contamination
  • Capable of higher speeds compared to standard bearings
  • 75 % lower friction than steel bearings
  • Lower operating costs
  • Super-fast ROI