Food & Beverage

60 % drop or more on bearing-related maintenance

In the food and beverage industry, uptime and reliability are everything. Production equipment requires food-grade certification, and any breakdown will cause costly repairs and production stops. The bearings used must be of the highest possible quality and must be able to withstand high temperature fluctuations and humid and contaminated working conditions with the longest service life possible.

CeramicSpeed Long Life Corrotec ball bearings are FDA approved and suitable for use in the food industry. The bearings are manufactured using stainless steel rings with ceramic balls and lubricants approved for use in the food industry.

60 % reduction

Typically, our customers experience a 60 % drop or more on bearing-related maintenance costs after changing to CeramicSpeed bearings.

Our food-grade bearings are available in two series:

Corrotec FDA – bearings with lubricants approved for the food industry
In food production, bearings normally require constant lubrication in production. As an alternative sealed bearings can be used. These are delivered with FDA approved lubricant which is guaranteed to last the entire service life of the bearing.

Corrotec FDA+ bearings approved for direct contact with food products
FDA+ bearings are produced entirely from FDA-approved components – not just the lubricant.

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No-risk guarantee

We guarantee that the investment in hybrid bearings will pay off. If the extra cost on hybrid bearings is not returned during the actual service life of the bearings, we will supply new bearings free of cost. Contact us and find out how.

Your benefits:

  • 4-8 times longer service life
  • FDA and EC 1935 approved
  • No corrosion
  • Lower operating costs
  • Super-fast ROI

CeramicSpeed SLT

CeramicSpeed SLT is a polymer matrix saturated with lubrication oil. The matrix secures to retain oil right on the functional surfaces of the bearing under even very harsh conditions, while at the same time preventing moisture and foreign particles from entering the bearing. Focus applications: Environments with sever particle contaminating, Applications in moist surroundings - even under splash water influence, Chemical, pharmaceutical or other applications, where no liquid lubricant can be allowed.