Electrical equipment

Your guarantee against stray current damages

LongLife Insulate bearings with ceramic balls are non-conductive and have an insulating ability of 15 kV per mm - in other words, larger than that of atmospheric air.

In comparison, bearings from competing manufacturers with an insulating coating typically have an insulating ability of up to 1 kV provided that the coating is not damaged – for example when the bearing is mounted. In practice this protection isn’t always sufficient, meaning that these bearings are also vulnerable to damage by stray currents. 

CeramicSpeed LongLife Insulate bearings are your guarantee against this type of damage!

As the insulating effect comes from the properties of the CeramicSpeed balls themselves, rather than an applied coating, it’s much easier to work with the bearing. In practice, you will avoid the risk of damaging the coating when fitting the bearing.

In addition to being protected from the passage of electrical currents, you can expect the operating temperature to be approx. 10-20 °C lower than with conventional bearings.

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No-risk guarantee

We guarantee that the investment in hybrid bearings will pay off. If the extra cost on hybrid bearings is not returned during the actual service life of the bearings, we will supply new bearings free of cost.

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Your benefits:

  • Non-conductive with an insulating capacity superior to any coating
  • No risk of damaging insulation ability during mounting
  • 4-8 times longer service life and superfast ROI
  • Up to 70 % less power consumption in bearings
  • Capable of higher RPM
  • Low lubrication requirements