Lightning-fast ROI

Invest now, or pay more later

Premium ball bearings from CeramicSpeed are more expensive than conventional steel bearings. No doubt about that. But calculating your ROI is about so much more than just the price of a ball bearing – which in any case is a minor fraction of the total cost of any production machine. It’s also necessary to take the costs of production downtime into account, which are often much higher than the actual maintenance costs. Downtime cost is an important factor when optimising production efficiency.


Much longer between production stops

With a bearing life many, many times longer than conventional bearings, CeramicSpeed bearings extend the periods between planned maintenance stops by a factor of 4, 8 or in some cases more than 20. This means that if you are used to changing bearings every 3 months, you can now expect to do it once a year – or once every two or three years, depending on your production setup and production environment. Plus, with CeramicSpeed bearings you are virtually guaranteed never to suffer unplanned production stops due to the failure of a bearing. 


What you get is:

  • Simpler maintenance planning
  • Higher production efficiency
  • ROI times measured in months instead of years


Try our ROI app

But why not try it yourself? With our ROI app, you can calculate the savings on maintenance you can expect in your production setup.

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You are in for a pleasant surprise…