Reduced operating costs

With fewer planned production stops, your operating costs will drop

Hybrid bearings have much longer bearing life than ordinary steel bearings - 4 to 8 times longer (in some cases, even more).

With hybrid bearings you can:

  • Increase the strength and durability of your production equipment
  • Reduce energy consumption in your production
  • Prolong the service life of your production lines
  • Minimise the risk for unforeseen cost

Research based on the analysis of 1,000 bearings shows that 99.6 % of CeramicSpeed bearings last at least 4 times longer than standard bearings.

In 50 % of the cases the bearing life was between 8 and 20 times longer than the bearings they replaced - even under the influence of sever particle contamination.

In 30 % of these cases, it is expected that the ball bearings will never need to be replaced for the entire service life of the machine.

CeramicSpeed hybrid bearings is an investment in production output and predictable machine reliability. In the graph below we show a typical example of how the initial investment in quality bearing quickly comes back with a positive return in saved parts and man hours. On top of this – and not encountered for in the graph – one will gain in valuable production output which might easily surpass other benefits with a solid financial upside.


We are willing to give you a no-risk guarantee. If the extra cost on hybrid bearings is not returned during the actual service life of the bearings, we will supply new bearings free of cost.