Less downtime

4-8 times longer bearing life with hybrid bearings

Downtime is something to avoid. It disrupts your production flow and puts limits to your capacity in the end, costing you money and hurting your competitiveness.

In production equipment, it's quite often the bearings that fail - sometimes with foreseeable intervals, sometimes when you really don't need it. 

You can prevent this by installing a CeramicSpeed Bearing solution next time.

4-8 times longer bearing life with hybrid bearings

The lifetime of a CeramicSpeed Bearing is 4-8 times longer than a traditional bearing. In some cases it can be much longer than that. 

Labour and other costs associated with replacing worn out bearings often exceed the price of the actual bearing several times over. Multiply these costs 4-8 times, and you can calculate the potential for reducing costs by replacing traditional bearings with CeramicSpeed Bearings. 


The optimal bearing solution

CeramicSpeed Bearings are optimized to give the very best performance in their specific operating environment, improving performance, quality and consistency in production.