Pharma & Chemical

Discover how CeramicSpeed has helped companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to increase competitiveness by prolonging the service life of bearings.

Haldor Topsoe: Bearing lifetime increased by a factor of 13

  • Bearings for contaminated environments
  • Simplified maintenance
  • 13 times longer lifetime than steel bearings
  • Total savings of over 5,300 EUR in the first year 

The grinding machine is a key component in Haldor Topsoe’s production. In order to avoid breakdown traditional steel bearings were replaced every 3-4 weeks, as part of a preventive maintenance strategy. Based on an analysis of the worn-out steel bearings CeramicSpeed suggested implementing CeramicSpeed LongLife Xtreme Bearings.

The CeramicSpeed Bearings were first replaced after 13 months, an increase in lifetime of 13 times!

The price of a set of CeramicSpeed Bearings was 800 EUR higher than a set of traditional steel bearings. Within the first year alone the company saved a total of 5,300 EUR.