Energy savings of more than 4000 kWh/year


After just one year in action this fan motor was down with bearing failure even though the motor was originally equipped with coated competitor bearings. The frequency converter driven 630 kW motor is directly coupled to a centrifugal fan critical for the evaporator in a large-scale protein factory



CeramicSpeed LongLife Insulate bearings are custom made for electrical motors and are resistant against damage caused by stray currents. The ceramic balls used for this product series are non-conductive and have an insulating ability of 15 kV per mm - higher than that of atmospheric air. All this together result in very strong and resistant bearings with a long lifetime and a lower energy consumption than conventionally bearings.



With the implementation of CeramicSpeed Longlife Insulate the bearing position is now immune to any form of harmful bearing currents and therefore the company has reduced their downtime remarkably. They have saved more than 4000 kWh per year and increased the service life of the bearings 3 times.