Reduction of bearing temperature and longer service life


This dairy had some big issues with the durability of the steel bearings they were using in this specific motor. As the products manufactured by the dairy contain many small particles, which penetrate into the bearings, the service lifes of the bearings was significantly reduced. This along with high bearing temperature lead to many control shutdown and became a large problem for the dairy.



CeramicSpeed LongLife Insulate bearings are non-conductive as the ceramic balls in the bearing have an resistivity of 15 kV per mm. Our LongLife insulate series is the best possible ceramic against damage caused by stray currents. In insurance to being protected from the passage of electrical currents, the operating temperature in hybrid bearings will also be approx. 10-20 °C lower than that of conventional bearings.



The dairy has now reduced the bearing temperature with 15ºC, which has decreased the production sutdown remarkably. By using CeremicSpeed bearings with ceramic balls the bearings have now higher resistance towards corrosion and contamination which also has increased the service life of the bearings by 4 times.