Increased profitability of the production of canned foods



In the production of canned foods, can seamers are vital pieces of equipment. This Danish producer of powdered milk has managed to reduce downtime and maintenance costs significantly.

Steel bearings fail prematurely and cause
frequent production stops The frequent start-stop cycles in the can seamers led to mixed lubrication conditions inside the bearings. As a result, micro-welding occurred – a process in which the steel balls and the steel raceway of the bearings would fuse together and cause micro-pitting, eventually leading to a complete failure of the bearing. The can seamers would suffer frequent, unplanned breakdowns when the conventional steel bearings failed.


CeramicSpeed LongLife Corrotec series are unaffected by micro-welding between the balls and the raceway. Our Corrotec series are also approved for use in the food industry and made of stainless steel with ceramic balls and lubricants approved for use in the food industry.


There are no more unplanned production shut downs - only planned replacement of the hybrid bearings which takes place with interval of 28-30 months.
Productivity is up by 44% and the service life of the bearings is now 8 times longer just by a simple switch to CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearings.