Food & Beverage

CeramicSpeed create results. In these case-studies, you can read how we helped various Danish companies in the food industry with optimizing production and minimizing downtime.

Dairy: Huge savings and zero scheduled maintenance

  • Implementation of condition-based maintenance
  • Saving of 160,000 EUR
  • Stopped scheduled maintenance intervals

A scheduled biannual service on a decanter cost between 40,000 EUR and 66,000 EUR every single time. Arla Foods found a way to do away with this cost completely.

By introducing condition-based maintenance in cooperation with CeramicSpeed and Grene Industri-service, service and repairs were now scheduled according to the actual condition of the bearings. Main service is now carried out approximately every 18 months, and components are replaced only when necessary.

Vibration analysis has been introduced after two years of operation, and it has been possible to plan maintenance based on this. The extra cost of CeramicSpeed LongLife Xtreme Bearings and monitoring the condition of the bearings has been less than 46,000 EUR, while Arla Foods have saved over 200,000 EUR on scheduled maintenance costs.

Cheese factory: € +100,000  saved on maintenance

In this cheese factory, an automated line organizes, washes and transports the molds before filling them with fresh cheese for maturing. 

Traditionally bearings where replaced twice a year due to the harsh environment with frequent wash downs and generally moist conditions.

With the implementation of CeramicSpeed Corrotec bearings, representing a rugged combination of stainless steel rings and high spec ceramic rolling elements, the equipment has been running for 3 years with no bearing replacements at all.

So far, the cheese factory has saved 96 hours in direct engineer labor, 6 stops in production of two days each as well as time spent on planning, re-planning etc. Without even considering loss of production the savings after three years exceed 100,000 EUR.