Electrical equipment

We help some of the largest companies in Denmark take advantage of longer service life of their bearings and reducing the risk of production shutdown.

Aarhus Karlshamn: 6 to 8 times increase in bearing life 

  • 400kW motor with frequency transformer
  • Prevention of bearing failure due to electrical current damage
  • 6-8 times increase in bearing life

At Aarhus Karlshamn, a frequency transformer was installed in 2008. This led to electrical current damage in the motor bearings, but the supplier of the frequency transformer was unable to identify or solve the problem.

Coated bearings were installed in an attempt to fix the issue but did not prevent further electrical current damage and once again motor bearings had to be replaced.

Only after installation of CeramicSpeed LongLife Insulate Bearings did Aarhus Karlshamn eliminate the problem.

After installation, the bearings ran without problems, 6-8 times longer than the traditional steel bearings used previously.


Protein factory: Reduced downtime and service costs

In a large-scale protein factory, a 630 kW motor driven by a frequency converter is directly coupled to a centrifugal fan critical for the evaporator.

After just one year in action this fan motor suffered bearing failure even though the motor was originally equipped with coated bearings from a competing bearing supplier. With the implementation of CeramicSpeed Insulate Bearings the bearing position is now immune to harmful bearing currents.

As an extra benefit, the low friction of the CeramicSpeed Bearings reduces the energy consumption by more than 4000 kWh per year. Even though the reduction only adds up to 0.3% of the total energy consumption of this motor application, it does contribute to the business case of replacing steel bearings with ceramic hybrid bearings.

The investment in CeramicSpeed Bearings will have a payback time of just one year considering parts, cost of repair and energy savings.