The Future is Shifting

Pursuing 1%

Driven is the result of a dream of inventing and developing a 99% efficient drivetrain. When launching the first version of Driven at the EuroBike show in 2018, we had accomplished that goal. 

But the 2018 version of Driven could not be ridden and it could not shift. 

Shortly after EuroBike we developed the first rideable version of a single speed Driven bike. But we had to go all the way; Driven should not only be rideable but also able to shift.

The engineering battle was on. 

The World told us we couldn't. But we could.

Today, we launch three Driven bikes; The Venge, The Lux and The Hero. When all of the features of the bikes are put together collectively, the full picture will emerge. This will show what we have accomplished with Driven, and what the future holds for not just Driven but for the way we all cycle in the future. 

The Hero is our proof that Driven can shift. 

The Venge is our proof that Driven is the most aero drivetrain the World has ever seen. 

The Lux is our answer to all the critiques claiming, that Driven could never work on a full-suspension bike.  

Innovate or die


Is it fragile? Can it carry load? Why is there not a both rideable and shiftable version?