The Fastest Chain Coating Just Got Faster

At CeramicSpeed, we know that every watt lost through excessive friction is one less watt propelling you towards your goals. Our new and improved UFO Drip Chain Coating represents another leap in our quest to further streamline drivetrain efficiency. It consists of a unique blend of waxes, trace oils, and friction modifiers that come in an easy-to-apply liquid that provides protection, low friction, and minimal power loss through the drivetrain.

The Next Evolution in Drivetrain Efficiency

Our new and improved UFO Drip Chain Coating provides longer-lasting protection, more coatings per bottle, increased temperature stability and improved power loss efficiency, all at a lower price point.

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Go Further for Longer

With 35 coatings per bottle and a 40% reduction in price, our new UFO Drip Chain Coating provides that enhanced efficiency and performance for up to 300 km after each fresh coating.

Safe and Effective for You and the Environment

The new UFO Drip blend is designed not only to optimise drivetrain efficiency. The non-toxic, non-flammable, bio-degradable formula is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Increased Temperature Stability

Our new formula boasts increased temperature stability that extends the benefits to even more cyclists, terrains, and conditions. Apply it anywhere between 5-35°C (41-95°F) for ideal results.

Building on a Tried and Tested Formula

Compared to our old formula, the new blend provides numerous benefits including 50% more coatings per bottle and a 40% lower price tag. Each application now lasts twice as long, and our tests show that our new formulation is 15% faster than our original blend.

Designed for Multiple Disciplines

Specially tailored for all disciplines, our UFO Drip Chain Coating ensures smooth performance on-road or off in wet conditions or on dusty, gritty terrain. Don't let the sand, water or dirt slow you down. Simply apply a coating and enjoy the benefits of a wax formulation that'll protect your chain no matter the conditions.

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Easy Application for Longterm Protection and Performance

Bottled Speed: How Efficient is the UFO Drip Chain Coating?

A quality chain coating is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve drivetrain efficiency. But just how much more efficient it can make it is often hard to visualise. We set about quantifying the performance benefits with a dry test. We tested our UFO Drip Chain Coating alongside several competing lubricants in an attempt to quantify the loss in wattage through the drivetrain.