OSPW Cage Crash Replacement Program

When are you covered?

You are fully covered if you experience a failure on the cage of your Oversize Pulley Wheel System that is not due to manufacturing or other reasons covered by our Warranty Program. This could be failure caused by a crash, incorrect mounting or during traveling with your bike. 

How are you covered?

The OSPW Cage Crash Replacement Program offers you a 50% discount on a new cage, providing that you can send a proof of purchase and an image of the broken cage. 

How does it work?

Please fill out the form below, and make sure to attach both proof of purchase and image of the cage, along with a description of how and why you are experiencing a failure on the cage. 

After receiving this, we will then get back to you with a 50% discount code to be used in our webshop. If you want to run the program through a retailer, please reach out to your nearest CeramicSpeed retailer, and they will take care of the process. 


Please tell us how and why the cage failure happened