Road Wheel Kits

Find the correct CeramicSpeed upgrade kit for your specific road wheels or hubs. A CeramicSpeed Bearing upgrade extends the lifetime of your wheels and helps you save watts.

Wheel Kit Compatibility
Zipp-1 Before 2005 (202 rear / 84 front hubs)
Zipp-2 2005-2008 (182 rear / 82 front hubs)
Zipp-3 2009 & forward (188 rear / 88 front hubs)
Zipp-4 2014 & forward (188 v9 rear / 88 front hubs)
Zipp-5 2013 & forward road rear discs (Black 11s hub)
Zipp-6 2013 & forward road rear discs + 88/404/808/etc. front
Zipp-7 2015 & forward (77/177 hubs) + Mid 2018 & forward NSW Rim Brake
Zipp-8 2015 & forward (77/177 hubs) disc brakes & NSW Disc
Zipp-9 NSW (NOT DISC) Before mid 2018 (1st gen)
Campy-1 Campy & Fulcrum hubs (Not R5) rim brake only 
Campy-2 Campy & Fulcrum body (Not R5) rim brake only - Freehub body only
DT-1 DT 240s Road
DT-2 DT 180 Road
DT-3 DT 240s disc, not oversized hub body
American Classic-1 Most new models
Easton-1 EA70 hubs & body
Easton-2 EA/EC90 (R4 + R4SL hubs & body)
HED-1 HED hubs
HED-2 HED hubs 2013 & forward (FR, Stinger, Sonic Carbon hub)
HED-3 HED H3 Plus
HED-4 HED Jet disc black
HED-5 HED Jet 6 plus
Corima-1 MCC Models
Corima-2 S Models
Corima-3 S / S+ models from 2015
Bontrager-1 Race XXXLite
Bontrager-2 Aeolus 2013 + / Race X Lite Road
Bontrager-3 Aeolus disc brake
Bontrager-4 Aura 5
Reynolds-1 RZR
Reynolds-2 Assault
Reynolds-3 Aero Series wheels - Before 2018
Reynolds-4 Aero Disc Brake (Aero 46/65/80 DB) - 2018 models
Reynolds-5 Aero Rim Brake (Aero 65/80 RB) - 2018 models
SRAM-1 SRAM road wheels
Spinergy-1 Spinergy Road wheels
Spinergy-3 Z lite 2017
Roval-2 Roval CL 32 & CL 64 2017 & older 
Roval-3 Roval CL 40 & CL 60 2017 & older 
Roval-4 Roval SL45, CLX 40 & CLX 60 + CLX 40 disc from 2015 & older
Roval-5 Roval CLX 32 & CLX 64 + CLX 40 disc from 2016 & newer, all 2018 CLX, CL, & SLX wheels 
3T-1 Mercurio
3T-2 Orbis II, Discus, Discus Plus - pre 2018
Vision-1 Metron 40-55-81-Disc, Trimax T30-T35-T42, Trimax Carbon TC24-TC50
Vision-2 Metron 40 disc brake
Knight-1 Aivee hubs
Knight-2 DT240 hubs
Powertap-1 G3 Shimano
Powertap-2 G3 Campagnolo
Progress-1 Turbine Ultra Road
Profile Design-1 38/Twentyfour, 58/Twentyfour & 78/Twentyfour
Profile Design-2 1/Fifty
Tune-1 Road MIG70, MAG170, MIG45, MAG150
Cannondale-1 Hollowgram Disc
Cannondale-2 CZero SL Carbon 2017
AX-lightness-1 Road ULTRA
ENVE-1 ENVE 1. generation carbon road hub
ENVE-2 ENVE (alloy/rim) Shimano
ENVE-3 ENVE (alloy/rim) XDR/Campy
ENVE-4 ENVE (Gen II Carbon/rim)
ENVE-5 ENVE (alloy/disc) Shimano
ENVE-6 ENVE (alloy/disc) XDR/Campy
Scope-1 Rim brake, MY 2016
Scope-2 Rim brake, MY 2017
Scope-3 Disc brake, MY 2017
Industry Nine-1 Torch Road rim brake & 6-Bolt disc (classic & modern) 
Industry Nine-2 Torch Road centerlock disc (classic & modern)
CADEX-1 CADEX 42 & 65 rim brake
CADEX-2 CADEX 42 & 65 disc brake
CADEX-3 CADEX TT 4Spoke & Disc Wheel

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