Counterfeit awareness

At CeramicSpeed we are proud of what we do and put great honor into developing and building top-shelf quality products. As with many other brands, we sometimes experience counterfeit products and the negative consequences this has for customers tricked into buying a product that is not what they thought it was. 

If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit product, please reach out to us here or reach out to your local CeramicSpeed retailer for their support. 

Ways to spot a fake CeramicSpeed product

There are different ways to spot a counterfeit product. Please also reference the images below. 

  • If it's too good to be true, it probably is. We sometimes come across online shops selling fake CeramicSpeed products at a significantly lower price than the standard retail price, and that's usually one of the first signs that something's not what it appears to be. 
  • Fake products are often missing the CeramicSpeed sticker sheet and oil or grease in the box
  • Visible differences such as tooth profile and "Upper" and "Lower" designation on the pulley wheels often reveals fake products
  • A CeramicSpeed OSPW System is secured by a black twist tie on the packaging foam. This is often missing on fake products. 
  • All CeramicSpeed products have "CeramicSpeed" and a bearing number engraved on the actual bearing. 


Original CeramicSpeed


Pulley wheels tooth profile (A)

Does not present pulley wheel tooth profile (A)

Pulley wheel Upper and Lower designation (B)

Pulley Wheels are not correctly marked (B)

Pulley Wheels Tooth Profile


CeramicSpeed Original Copy
Raised 'L' and 'H' spring tension markings Incorrect tension marking position and letters are recessed rather than raised


CeramicSpeed Original


OSPW System is secured by a black wire tie on the packaging foam

No black wire tie to secure OSPW System

CeramicSpeed Original Copy
OSPW cage presents dark carbon threads (A) Cage presents gold metal threads (A)
14mm pulley screws, and 10m tower screws (B) Much shorter installation screws (B)
CeramicSpeed Original Copy
CeramicSpeed Bearings and engraving (A) No engraving (A)
Chamfer detail on pulley cut outs (B) Different chamfer detail on pulley cut outs (B)