Harder, Faster, Longer

Designed to endure a rougher ride, our Off-Road products are all built to withstand the harshest of conditions, allowing you to ride harder and faster for longer, straight out of the box. Created with stainless steel races, they naturally resist corrosion and offer exceptional performance, ride after ride.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I've been running the PF4130 bottom bracket now for a little over 3 months, with a 4 day stage race through some incredibly wet conditions, and its still running just a smooth as the day I bought it.
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  • Warranty: 4 years (standard) - Lifetime (coated)

The making of the first OSPW X System

A look behind the scenes in what goes before the launching of a new product - from testing to developing, and a little more testing. 

Dirt, Rain, Mud and Gravel

The essential ingredients to a true off-road ride. But those ingredients take their toll on your equipment and force you to replace bottom brackets, wheel bearings and pulley wheels way too often.

No More Reduced Lifetime

CeramicSpeed Off-Road Bearings extend the lifetime of your bike's most exposed parts and have historically been known for lower friction - associated with road bikes and watt savings. However, not all ceramic bearings are created equal.

For even greater protection and durability, our premium coated Off-Road products provide a superior advantage. Coated in a surface treatment that is hardened to resist wear and is anti-corrosive in nature, making the bearings 75% harder than our standard road range.

Built by Hand, Built to Last

When CeramicSpeed entered the bike industry in 2004, little was known about the longevity of these bearings. It soon became clear that one of the most significant benefits of a high-quality ceramic bearing is the exceptional lifetime. Additionally, a CeramicSpeed Bearing has reduced maintenance requirements, meeting the demands of off-road riders like no other.

"With CeramicSpeed, our team focuses on reliability and perfection - exactly what a top team needs to be successful."

Built and tested by hand in Denmark, our bearings are found on bikes all over the world, ridden by weekend warriors as well as pro riders. 

The numbers speak for themselves

A CeramicSpeed Bearing lasts up to 9 times longer than standard steel bearings.