When The Stars Align in Bike Design

The cycling world is one that's in a state of constant flux; one that continually pushes not only the boundaries of engineering but also artistic endeavour. CeramicSpeed recently supported some leading bike designers and impressionable artists to produce two custom versions of the Mosaic GT-1. The best minds in the industry left nothing on the table in pursuing the creation of two fully-loaded bikes decked out with the best specs.

Collaboration Stirs Imagination

Cycling is a lot more than lung-bursting efforts that tax the limits of our physical abilities. For some of us, it also taxes the creative muscles and extends what's possible in the world of bike design. 

In a recent venture with some of the best in the industry, CeramicSpeed supported Mosaic Cycles, Search and State, and Black Oak Velo in creating a stunning new build with an eye-catching finish.

Mosaic Cycles provided their GT-1 frames for each build and supplied custom parts. As a small batch builder of handmade bicycles with an experienced team of frame builders, they take great pride in attention to detail in producing high-calibre finishes with each and every build.

Both bikes are based on their GT-1 frame for a geometry that inhabits the spectrum between a road and gravel bike. Thanks to the short chainstay, steep front head angle, oversized head tube, and carbon fork, it's snappy and responsive on the road. While the low bottom bracket, longer wheelbase, and wider tyres ensure it handles off-road riding with ease. 

Search and State (SAS), who are world-renowned for their riding apparel, devised the paint scheme and the aesthetic design of the bikes. Spectrum Paint in Colorado completed the bikes in a rad paint scheme, while Black Oak Velo out of Old Greenwich, Connecticut completed the bike-build and handled all components and trims.

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show

The bikes were slated for a spring showing at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) earlier this year before its forced postponement due to COVID-19.

Rescheduled for August 2020 in Dallas Texas, NAHBS represents the underworld for artistry and craftsmanship as it relates to bike design. In its relatively recent history, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show has quickly become the world's premier showcase for bike designers and evolving tech. With beautifully handcrafted bikes on display and a huge range of components and accessories, it's a place where the experimenters, enthusiasts, and designers at the cutting edge of bike design come to mingle; while showing off some of the most beautifully designed bikes in the world of cycling.

With new designs that stem from combining disciplines that lead to intricate frame designs, all-new aero innovations, and new materials along with high-tech drive chain solutions, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is a place where both artist and engineer thrive in harmony.

The Mosaic Gt-1: Specced With The Latest Tech

Both bikes consist of the Mosaic GT-1 frame with the ENVE all-road fork and the Shimano Dura-Ace R9170 Disc Groupset. Finished with the detailed paint job and the colour-matched frame pumps, it makes for an aesthetically pleasing design. But any design that pushes the boundaries of artistic endeavour still requires precision-engineered drive train solutions, and at CeramicSpeed, that's what we do best.

CeramicSpeed Finds its Bearings

Both bikes include our coated bearing headset for precision control on the front end all in a design honed for durability and stiffness. The inclusion of our coated bearing bottom bracket ensures improved durability with minimal friction for smooth off and on-road running.


The bikes also come equipped with our 3D Printed Hollow 11T Pulleys with coated bearings — the last units of our unique hollow 3D printed titanium pulleys. They minimise mechanical friction and ensure maximum power transmission to the rear wheel while also offering enhanced durability over alternate solutions. 

Inside the ENVE G27 wheelset are the Industry Nine Torch Hubs that contain our coated bearings. Hand-built in Denmark, they're engineered to minimise friction, increase power transfer, and increase bearing life. And with a design engineered to bear higher loads, it delivers unsurpassed smoothness across all-road terrain.

The Pinnacle of Art and Engineering

If the Mosaic GT-1 shows us anything, it's that when the best minds in the business collaborate, they can produce something truly magnificent. Collective creativity thrives with such strategic alliances when working toward a goal to extend the limits of our collective artistic and engineering endeavours.

The end result is one that inspires with an eye-catching frame design, supreme aesthetics, and artistic paint schemes all based on the upon and hi-tech precision-engineered bearing and drivetrain solutions from CeramicSpeed.