The Sweatproof Bottom Bracket

CeramicSpeed's Bottom Brackets with Coated Bearings are perfect for turbo trainer bikes with their low resistance and immunity to sweat damage. They even come with a 6-year guarantee.

Riding on the trainer can seriously damage your bike, including your bottom bracket, as many indoor riders will tell you. According to ZwiftInsider, "sweat on your downtube will find its way to your bottle cage bolts and eventually your bottom bracket". Some riders use a towel or sweat net to stop sweat from above, but sweat will still drip off your arms, fly off your legs and run down your frame.


Many riders have had a nasty surprise at the end of the winter when they take their bike off the trainer for the first time in months and bring it out into the light. Damage can include corroded handlebars, ruined bar tape, degraded headset and a corroded bottom bracket, which adds up to an expensive shopping list.


Do fast bikes corrode faster?

It's especially bad news if you're using your best bike - which many of us now do because in e-racing, every watt counts. And there's a huge difference in power transfer when you compare a cheaper "winter bike" with a racing machine due to drivetrain efficiency and frame stiffness.


Do you ride your pride and joy on the trainer?


What can you do?

Firstly, prevention is the best cure. Use a fan to keep you cool, wear a bandana and protect your bike with towels or a sweat net. Secondly, wipe down your bike after every ride.

But if sweat has made it down into your bottom bracket, you won’t be able to just wipe it away. So it makes sense to fit your bike with a bottom bracket that a) won't get damaged by sweat, and b) is faster.


The turbo trainer bottom bracket

CeramicSpeed has developed a range of bottom brackets that are resistant to the damage that affects other BB’s. These coated products offer incredible gains in both performance and lifespan. The increased hardness of the races, combined with the smoothness of the CeramicSpeed ball bearings, results in virtually no wear and extremely low friction. Even if degreaser, water or mud enters the bottom bracket, the risk of failure due to corrosion is negligible.

What's the secret? The coating - developed in cooperation with a European coating specialist - is a metallic layer that's 75% harder than steel, and only 3 microns (0,003 mm) thick.


The coating makes the difference


How to maintain them

Coated Bearings are low maintenance, but they're not 'no maintenance'. They are much more resistant to damage and wear from a lack of lubrication. However, to experience the best performance and longevity, you should lubricate with CeramicSpeed All-Round Grease every 5.000-10.000 km or twice per year.

Find our guide to bearing maintenance here.


6-Year Warranty

We're so confident in the performance of these bearings that we guarantee them for six years. That's a lot of Zwift time, training hours, and buckets of sweat.

All CeramicSpeed Bearings are handbuilt in Denmark to the highest standards. Building a coated bearing adds a number of extra steps to the process which must be carefully managed. The CeramicSpeed balls and steel races are matched to the micron, after which each set of races is coated. The races are kept together in pairs through the entire process and after coating, each set needs to pass the quality control before they go into production.

CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings are also available for Pulley Wheels, Wheel Kits, the Oversized Pulley Wheel Systems and Headsets. So you can make your bike faster and sweat freely with peace-of-mind.