The perfect pairing: Coated bearings and off-road riding

The quest to create the perfect wheel is perhaps one of the most complicated in all of bike design. It requires a collaborative effort among leading experts across a range of disciplines. Beyond weight, aerodynamics, and aesthetics, there are the unseen essentials within the hub that ensure a robust wheel build that exhibits low friction, supreme performance, and excellent reliability across varied terrain. At CeramicSpeed, we partnered with wheel experts HUNT in the quest to create the world's best off-road wheels using our coated bearing solutions.

Precision-engineered solutions for off-road performance

The sport of cycling is as diverse as it is specialised. While time-tested bike geometries are almost as identifiable today as they were 20 years ago, the increasing diversity in cycling disciplines require some highly specialized engineering solutions that often go unseen.

From the smooth asphalt of road cycling to the dusty gravel trails and technical singletracks in off-road riding, each discipline places unique demands upon the engineering solutions required for optimal performance.

Where efficient power transmission in low-friction drive-trains and bearing solutions make every watt count on the road, the demands associated with off-road riding are more complex. When the top athletes push the boundaries of physical endurance off-road, they also extend the limits of modern engineering and require ever more robust designs that last. The only way to meet these evolving needs is for the best minds in the industry to partner up and combine their collective knowledge and redefine what's possible.

At CeramicSpeed, we've partnered up with HUNT Bike Wheels, one of the top producers of cutting-edge wheel designs for riders who demand the best performance. The inclusion of our coated bearings in their new off-road wheels combines the low-friction benefits of road performance with the robustness and longevity provided by the unique CeramicSpeed coating, required for off-road conditions.


The HUNT and CeramicSpeed partnership

At CeramicSpeed, we're always striving to raise the bar, extending the limits of what's possible, and working in harmony with other industry experts to create innovative solutions that take performance to the next level.

With a devotion to quality handbuilt bearing solutions, we easily adapt to the needs of partners. Our solutions are customisable from the internal radial clearance, to the grease and seals, we measure, design, and test based on our partner's requirements and provide industry-leading solutions specifically tailored to meet their demands.

We're proud to partner with HUNT in their quest to develop ground-breaking technology with their Limitless wheelset range. With the mission of providing riders with tangible benefits in all-new wheel designs, HUNT stop at nothing in the drive for perfection.

Their 48 Limitless Aero Disc Wheelset is one of the world's fastest. Developed with industry-leading aero advancements and wind tunnel tested against competing designs, the full-carbon design combines supreme aero performance with a low weight design.

To help ensure maximum rolling efficiency and increased longevity for off-road riding, CeramicSpeed's coated bearings became one of the foundational elements of the Limitless gravel wheel design. They serve to accentuate an already impressive design and enable top athletes to eke out yet more performance, all in a wheelset that stands up to everything they can throw at it.

Coated bearings for uneroded confidence

At CeramicSpeed, our coated products help you go the extra mile with industry-leading performance that won't degrade. Our coated bearings are a further 75% tougher than our standard hardened steel races, and it's this enhanced strength that makes for a bearing solution that boasts an average lifetime 7.5 times longer than other non-coated solutions.

While longevity is of paramount importance off-road, so too is resistance to corrosion. Off-road conditions often mean the increased presence of contaminants like moisture, grit, and mud, each of which increases the risk of corrosion in these all-important moving parts. Our coated bearing solutions are designed and tested extensively to ensure that failure due to corrosion is negligible.

In addition to increased longevity, the even and smooth surface on our coated bearings ensures reduced friction levels, leading to a solution that combines both durability and supreme rolling on varied terrain.

Thanks to a comprehensive R&D program, our resilient solutions come with a 6-year warranty. They allow the top riders the freedom to put any wheelset through its paces without fear of failure while enjoying the benefits that come with components engineered to deliver top performance in the most challenging off-road conditions.