Riding New Roads

The New Ventum NS1

While a fair amount of bike brands used the IRONMAN World Championships on Kona to present their latest and greatest triathlon bikes, US-based company Ventum chose a different approach. Known for their radical One and Z models, the brand chose the event to launch their first UCI-legal road bike: the Ventum NS1.

At first glance, the bike looks clean and modern. Yet, compared to the other two models in the brand's line-up, it also looks distinctively conventional in appearance. The bike features a traditionally shaped frame with front and rear triangles. A choice, which the brand made for a reason. The bike is addressed to road cyclists, endurance and criterium racers alike. Given that, it needs to align with the regulations of the sport’s governing body, the World Cycling Federation aka UCI.

However, Ventum wouldn’t be the brand they are, had they opted to compromise on aspects like aerodynamics, agility and comfort for the NS1.

All cables are cleanly and neatly hidden. The aerodynamically shaped monocoque bar shares the same design language as the foil-shaped tubes of the main frame triangle. Ventum lowered the seat stays for added performance and comfort. Furthermore, they opted for disc brakes to allow for a strong braking performance in any given weather and an on any given road.

Looking from that perspective, the NS1 is not at all conventional. It’s a consequent development which combines the latest technologies in a legal package.

Sharing similar values, CeramicSpeed is a proud partner of Ventum. That is why the groundbreaking NS1 will be available with an OSPW System and the fastest Bottom Bracket around. Ready for anyone who wants to accelerate onto new roads. To find out more about the bike and how you can get your hands on one, visit our friends at Ventum.

Photo credit: Jesper Grønnemark