Putting The UFO Drip Chain Coating Through its Paces

CeramicSpeed's new UFO Drip Chain Coating just launched, and we've been busy putting it through its paces out on the trails in the very conditions it was designed to thrive.

The dirt, grit, mud and standing water on forest trails may be everything a drivetrain hates, but it's everything an off-road cyclist adores. Our all-new UFO Drip Chain Coating recently launched, and this new formulation is one designed to protect the drivetrain from dirt, grit and mud across various disciplines.

To celebrate the launch of our new and improved UFO Drip Chain Coating, Cranks & Coffee in Denmark organized a fun ride where a group of off-road enthusiasts put it through its paces on the winter forest trails to see how it stood up to the demands of off-road winter riding.

A New Coating for a New Season

After years of refining, tweaking, and experimenting, our new and improved UFO Drip Chain Coating has finally hit the shelves. And while our lab testing demonstrates its unmatched performance in terms of drivetrain efficiency and protection, what we all want to know is how it performs in the real world under adverse conditions where it really counts.

It's there on the muddy trails covered in fallen leaves beneath a yellow and brown canopy on a wet winter morning where we tested out the capabilities of the new UFO Drip Chain Coating. Snug and gloved with winter tights and woollen socks, a group of dedicated enthusiasts met up in early-morning in the town centre. After setting off with treated chains, the route would take them out of town through the slick wet streets and towards the forest trails that await where they would put our new formulation to the test.

Where the UFO Drip Chain Coating Shines

The accumulation of excessive grit, sand and dirt lead to a decline in drivetrain efficiency and a premature wearing down of the chain and drivetrain components overtime. Once that dirt and grit gets into those chain links, it soon begins to wreak havoc. Our UFO Drip Chain Coating helps keep that dirt and grit out of the chain links before it ever causes a problem. The coating is designed to last, with one application providing protection for up to 300km of riding. Simple to apply, each coating

Once coated, the solution finds its way into the links thoroughly coating exposed areas where it then solidifies. It provides maximum protection thanks to the dried wax coating that's dust and grit resistant while also ensuring sleek performance and optimal power transfer through the drivetrain. And when you hit the soft mud of the forest trails on a damp winter morning, that's the sort of protection you need!


Multi-Discipline Protection

At CeramicSpeed, we strive to meet the needs of riders across a wide range of disciplines across ever-expanding terrain. No matter your preferred discipline, whether on the road, track or on the early-winter forest trails on a damp Danish morning, our new UFO Drip Chain Coating offers complete protection to all riders across dirt, mud, grit or puddled water. It delivers smooth and efficient performance on-road or off, with one coating of a wax formulation that'll protect your chain no matter the underlying conditions.

A morning spent navigating the challenging forest trails meant the riders returned with clothing and faces caked in mud and grit for the post-ride debrief and well-deserved coffee and cake. If the state of the riders was anything to go by, then you'd expect a chain caked in mud and grit slowly grinding as the riders clocked up the miles. But the UFO Drip Coating offers supreme protection shielding the vulnerable links ensuring smooth riding all day even under the harsh conditions.

Whether it's the mid-summer dust or the mid-winter mud, the UFO Drip Chain Coating provides complete protection on the off-road trails meaning that you go faster for longer with less wear, less stress, and ultimately more enjoyment.

For a full lowdown on our new UFO Drip Chain Coating, or to try it out for yourself, why not check out the full specs right here. We provide a detailed analysis of how to apply it, how we test it, and where it excels compared to competing solutions.

With our UFO Drip Chain Coating, you don't have to let the dust, dirt, grit or mud slow you down. With regular application, you'll avoid unnecessary deterioration of your drivetrain components and optimize efficiencies even in the harshest of conditions. 

So the next time you head out on those foliage-laden forested trails, the kind that make every cyclist feel truly alive, then make sure your bike is ready for the challenge too, and have a bottle of our new and improved UFO drip on hand. With a new low price point and 50% extra coatings per bottle, it'll save you money as well as watts!


Here's to the next evolution in drivetrain efficiency!