CeramicSpeed and Corima: A partnership based on shared values

Our dedication to bearing efficiency stems from cooperating with the most progressive minds in the industry. Here’s how our alliance with Corima led to ground-breaking wheel designs.

At CeramicSpeed, our unwavering pursuit toward ultimate drivetrain efficiency is based upon an appreciation for symbiotic and harmonious relationships both internally and with those visionary companies whom we work alongside.

We pride ourselves in challenging the traditional ways of doing things. By embracing innovation and closely aligning ourselves with those of a similar ethos, we continually push the efficiencies in transmitting every last watt directly to the road. With the lowest friction bearings on the market, engineered to perform optimally and endure the strains of modern racing and training, we’ve made it our mission to redefine the ride experience. At the heart of this lies our ability to embrace the synergistic relationships we’ve established with other notable players in the cycling industry.

A Partnership Built On Trust

At CeramicSpeed, we believe that a strong partnership is about complementing one another. Our collaboration with French wheel-maker Corima epitomizes our continued drive toward maximizing performance efficiency.

Corima take a unique approach to wheel design, one that significantly improves aerodynamic performance and addresses torque forces in both directions from pedaling and braking. At the fulcrum of their innovative designs lie CeramicSpeed’s customized bearings.

Corima’s new MCC wheelsets incorporate an optimized set of bearings specially tailored with unique radial clearance to maximize their performance. At the base of our relationship lies a shared vision and drive where each party’s complementary strengths and expertise are ultimately reflected in the unparalleled performance of the final products we conjointly design.

A Synergistic Vision With Corima

With every partnership we enter, we go back to the drawing board. We work closely with Corima to understand their vision and create customized solutions specifically designed to meet their unique needs. They send us the wheel, and we disassemble each hub before carefully measuring the inner body and axle. After performing multiple tests in the laboratory as well as the real world environment, we conclude a unique specification for the bearings that provides the optimal level of performance when matched to Corima wheels.

At CeramicSpeed, we design, build and test our bearings in-house at our facility in Holstebro, Denmark, and ensure each meets our strict quality standards. Corima follow a similar ethos and are one of the few wheel-manufacturers worldwide committed to building their wheels in-house at their headquarters in France. Such shared visions are the foundation for our unique relationship and ultimately make for wheelsets that exhibit levels of performance that truly stand apart.

Performance On The World Stage

Quality designs that lead to significant performance gains don’t go unnoticed. In the pro peloton, Team Astana, who CeramicSpeed sponsor with bottom brackets, OSPW systems, and UFO chains, have already ridden to several victories this year, proudly sporting Corima wheelsets. It’s a relationship based ultimately on human trust and a shared vision toward customized solutions for improved performance.

After an enthralling Tour de France with Wins for Alexey Lutsenko on Mont Aigoual and Miguel Angel Lopez’s epic win in the Queen stage atop Col de la Loze. Jakob Fulgsang followed up with an impressive 5th place at the Road World Championships in Imola. Now Team Astana turn their attention to the Giro d’Italia and their combined goal of putting Jakob Fulgsang on the top step of the podium, together with Corima and CeramicSpeed.

The unrelenting pursuit of marginal gains is something few are willing to do, but at CeramicSpeed, that’s where we thrive. With established relationships with some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry, our low friction bearings make for the fast-rolling wheels that ultimately make you faster too. And that’s simply how we roll!