Behind the Scenes at CeramicSpeed with Nicolas Coosemans

Partnerships with pro teams propel us in the pursuit of ultimate drivetrain efficiency. Here's a behind-the-scenes look with Deceuninck Quick-Step's Nicolas Coosemans.

In early February 2020, Deceuninck Quick-Step mechanic Nicolas Coosemans came by for a tour of our production facilities in Holstebro, Denmark. We took him on a unique behind the scenes tour where we showcased our testing and production processes for some of our key products. Here’s what we got up to.

Designing, Refining, and Redefining Next-Generation Drivetrain Solutions

The partnerships that we have with pro cycling teams are what ultimately drive us at CeramicSpeed. It's by understanding the unique needs and expectations of the world's top teams that helps us strive for enhanced drivetrain efficiency that truly stands apart. Thanks to a shared vision and a potent synergy between both parties, we create the lowest friction bearings on the market that stand up to the demands of modern racing in the peloton. We took Nicholas on a tour through our production facilities at CeramicSpeed to meet the unsung heroes behind the scenes who showcased our production and testing processes. Here's what we got up to.

Nicolas Finds His Bearings

The demands of the pro peloton are as varied as they are demanding. From the cobbled roads of Northern Europe to the smooth alpine climbs in the south and everything in between, the ability to glide across such varied surfaces all begins with the painstaking job of constructing bearings in our lab.

The first stop for Nicholas was to see just how we build our bearings. In an approach that lies at the heart of achieving the low friction and longevity demanded at the very top, all of our products are handbuilt. It's the result of a painstaking build process that requires precision, patience, and steady hands. From assembly to cleanliness and ensuring the optimal clearance, it's a task that takes time to master.

Building a Bottom Bracket

Once the bearings are greased and sealed, the next step is to incorporate it into a bottom bracket. After the application of a little glue, we mount the bearings before checking for clearance and fluid spinning.

We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of ultimate efficiency and longevity by tailoring the fit to the intended final use of the bottom bracket. We apply one of our three greasing options to ensure optimal friction levels depending on the discipline. Our medium-viscosity All-round Grease maximizes bearing life and performance for all-purpose riding. For off-road riding, our Longlife Grease delivers the best protection in the harshest conditions, while our specialized TT and Track Grease includes our Dynamic Viscosity Transformation (DVT) technology for TT and track specialists to deliver the lowest friction levels possible.

Once assembled, all that remains is to install the bottom bracket, something that Nicholas has done many hundreds of times in the pro ranks. After applying a small amount of grease, he mounts both cups before tightening for a glove-like fit.