Become a CeramicSpeed Brand Ambassador

Are you our next Brand Ambassador?

At CeramicSpeed we’re always looking to get new people onboard who can help us spread the word about our brand and philosophy of making bikes go as fast and smooth as possible. Now, as we’re venturing deeper into the world of virtual riding we’re actively searching for passionate and involved riders to be our next brand ambassadors within this arena. Read on and see if the label fits you.

There’s no denying it. At the bottom of our hearts, we identify ourselves as bike riders. Riding hard and fast is what makes our blood run faster – both literally and metaphorically. But looking beyond our competitive nature we also acknowledge the bike as a tool for exploration. And for us exploration is a process that entails looking inwards just as much as outwards. In this sense the bike is a magical invention that turns the world into our playground, letting us take the road less travelled only requiring our bodies, minds, and willpower as fuel. In turn these journeys offer us the possibility to gain valuable insights into ourselves and the people around us – as we’ve come to learn that on the bike, we shed the layers that normally protect and define us in our hectic day-to-day life.

Connecting with ourselves and people who share our passions is therefore one of the key reasons why we ride in the first place. And this is why getting likeminded people onboard who can help us share the message of the true joys of riding a bike is an important brand mission for us.

Efficiency means fun

During the COVID-19 outbreak we’ve all had the chance to figure out what’s the most treasured things in our lives. But we’ve also been handed the opportunity to learn new stuff. For us at CeramicSpeed one of the things that’s become even clearer is just how rewarding and fun virtual riding really is. We have a hard time imagining a way of riding that’s as time-efficient while still giving you the most bang for your bucks! And let's not forget the unique possibility of riding and connecting with people all around the world that indoor cycling has to offer.

Our growing curiosity and interest for the world of virtual riding has now set us on a mission to find riders who are deeply passionate and involved in the virtual cycling community to be our new brand ambassadors in this arena. We’re looking for riders who can inspire and influence through their riding and sharing of experiences.

As stated in the beginning; riding is about more than “just” winning for us. Therefore, to become an ambassador with us you don’t have to be on the podium after every race. But you do need to understand the importance of sharing your knowledge and passion about what makes virtual riding so special through your communication in-game and on social media.

Through our partnership with Zwift this month we’re using our group rides and race series events as the hunting ground for our next ambassadors. So, if you’re interested in becoming one of our virtual cycling ambassadors be sure to turn up to the events and make us notice you. The same goes for your interaction with other riders during the events and with us on our SoMe-channels. Make us drop our jaws in awe of your courageous attacks or make us crack a smile by showing us your sense of humor and some personality.  

Some of the perks of being an ambassador include:

  • Complimentary CeramicSpeed Ambassador Apparel

  • Opportunity to be involved in product testing

  • Opportunity to be featured through CeramicSpeed’s Social Media channels

  • Unique opportunity to gain tips and insights from some of our sponsored riders on two of the best eRacing teams in the world (Canyon Esports and P.O. Auto-CeramicSpeed)

We’re looking forward to seeing a lot of riders during our events displaying that special blend of grit and panache required to become one of our next ambassadors. And who knows, if you do it just right you might end up joining us.