Problem vs. Solution

The total global cycling market is a $45B to $65B industry with between 110 to 120 million bicycles sold annually (The NDP Group, 2018). Out of this, the global cycling drivetrain market was app. $2B in 2019. The potential for revolutionizing this part of the industry is huge. A revolution which is 100 years past due. 



  • Sub-optimal mechanical efficiency
  • Low aerodynamic efficiency
  • Sub-optimal shifting speed times
  • High parts count (>400) requiring regular maintenance and replacement
  • Exposed greased chain, requiring frequent re-lubing
  • Difficult to fully encapsulate
  • Significant costs related to establishing manufacturing and assembly
  • An existing $2+ billion global bicycle drivetrain market opporunity

Specialized Venge road bike with conventional chain drivetrain



The Driven System:

  • Optimal efficiency, 45% less mechanical friction than conventional; 99.2% overall power delivery efficiency
  • Increased aerodynamic efficiency
  • Optimal shifting speed times; within 1/3 rev of rear wheel
  • Lower parts count (<125) requiring little or not maintenance and replacement
  • No exposed greased chain, bearings are fully sealed
  • Easy to fully encapsulate with lightweight enclosure
  • Extremely low costs related to establishing manufacturing and assembly
  • Low life cycle environmental impact
  • Significant potential to become a $100 million company in 10 years with a high level of profitability

Driven-equipped Specialized Venge road bike