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Bottom Brackets

The CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets guarantee you the lowest friction, optimised power transfer, and longest product lifetime, helping you to save watts or ride faster.

Fitting almost all standards available on the market, more than 150 types of CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets are available for upgrading your bike. Choosing to upgrade with a bottom bracket with coated bearings, you benefit from even further reduced friction and better resistance to contamination and corrosion.

Designed for exceptional impact strength, CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets provide greater longevity than any other product on the market giving you the advantage by riding faster for longer.

Like all other CeramicSpeed bearings, our coated products are handmade in Denmark. This means all bearings are built by hand and inspected manually at each step in the production process.

Building a coated bearing adds a number of extra steps to the process. The CeramicSpeed balls and steel races are matched within microns after which, each set of races is coated. The races are kept together in pairs through the entire process and after coating, each set needs to pass the quality control before they go into production.

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CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets are renowned for being the most reliable bottom brackets within cycling, correct installation and maintenance is key.