Backend Developer

Backend Developer

Do you want to work with both industrial IoT and consumer edge devices? CeramicSpeed is looking for a talented and hands-on Backend Developer to join our team for Greenfield-projects. 

CeramicSpeed is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ceramic bearing products for the sporting and industrial sector. We have an ambition to digitalize these sectors with exciting new innovations that supports our mission to help companies and consumers get valuable insights on their industrial machinery and competitive bikes. We are looking for candidates with an IT/software background that has the competencies to design, build and maintain a backend, as well as development and implementation of new APIs and services toward CeramicSpeed users. You’ll help us host data from users, machines and partner APIs in the most effective way.

The Work

You will join two dedicated teams with a total of 4 developers, where you will be our first backend person. The two currently ongoing development teams are in charge of elevating the user experience for an upcoming mobile bike-app and an industrial IoT sensor. You’ll be working on our very first digital products and have the opportunity to make a big impact on how they will turn out.
  • Define a new codebase: Build a codebase from a clean slate. You'll build a scalable system that interprets a physical world and alerts when necessary.
  • Build what matters: Spend your working hours designing and developing end-to-end solutions that makes to correct insights for our customers.
  • Own your code: You'll get full responsibility of the code you write but surrounded by people who are there to help.
  • Create an amazing dev experience: Optimise the developer experience for yourself and your team members, allowing us to improve performance.
  • Establish a technical culture: Establish/promote an honest learning culture, built on trust and a growth mindset.
  • Help others shine: Constructively suggest technical approaches, improve solutions, and perform code-reviews with peers, so we can carve the best path forward.

Implement new APIs and services
  • You’ll take a large responsibility in the implementation of new APIs and services to better support the needs of CeramicSpeed.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the new business model logic.
  • Collaborate with the other developers and engineers to enable features across the organization and to our consumers.
  • Participate in the development of an ecosystem of apps that can integrate into CeramicSpeed devices.
  • Design new features end-to-end, from ideation to technical architecture diagrams, to coding, peer review to production launch and error monitoring 
  • Stay up to date on the technologies we use and figure out improvements to our stack.

Keeping the systems sharp and up to date
  • First, you’ll design and build our new backend architecture.
  • After, you’ll continuously maintain and improve your backend architecture.
  • You'll improve and implement tests for our services.
  • You'll guide and assist your peers.
  • Ensure that we can deploy over the air firmware updates on device in the field
  • For ease of future implementations and health, you will help improve the tools available for development.
  • Collaborate to improve security and data protection.

Your Skills

You have a background as a software engineer, computer scientist or similar and have relevant work experience within software development. You are strong in backend development and have relevant experience with for instance one or more of the following areas:
  • Cloud: Google Cloud/Firebase, Azure or AWS
  • DevOps: CI/CD, Containers, Security
  • Web: Angular, React, Vue etc.
We imagine that you have experience with designing systems and infrastructure and have the skills to streamline the connection to a fleet of IoT devices, users, and apps.
In addition, it is an advantage if you have interest with IoT, embedded development and machine learning. Relevant programming languages are C #, Python, Java, Kotlin, Darts, JavaScript / TypeScript, C / C ++. As our backend is yet to be build, you have opportunity to define what language to be used. 


The salary package includes a 30-minute exercise during working hours every Wednesday, lunch scheme and opportunity for remote work. You are offered an office space at our HQ in Holstebro.
  • Remote friendly, flexible work hours and vacation
  • Option to learn new skills every day
  • Exercise during working hours
  • Free snacks, coffee, etc
  • Lunch
  • You'll get a chance to work with some of the most cutting-edge technologies
  • International, English is the corporate jargon

About CeramicSpeed

CeramicSpeed was established in 2004 and is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of ceramic bearing products and optimised racing chains for the cycling industry. We have more than 17 years of experience in development of bearings, which feature extremely low friction and unmatched lifetime. 
All our products are handmade in Denmark.    

The knowledge from bicycle bearings was in 2008 the launch pad into industrial applications, and we work with global manufacturing companies across an array of sectors to achieve operational savings that allow them to remain competitive and continue to grow. In 2014, CeramicSpeed received FDA certification, producing the only bearings in the world with approval for direct contact with food products.

CeramicSpeed is more than just bearings. We’ve grown rapidly over the years, distributing to over 50 countries, with an ever-expanding team of unique individuals in offices across Europe, Asia, and America.

Today, we are more than 100 employees, and the people are the heart and soul of our company. While the company keeps growing in all corners of the world, our culture and values remain rooted in our history.
Every year, we find the time to get together, Danish style. We cycle; we laugh; we share stories from the road, over a beer or two.

Accession by appointment. We hold interviews on an ongoing basis and the position will be filled once we have found the right person. Application with CV is sent per. mail to If you have questions about the position, you are welcome to contact Morten Opprud at or phone no. +45 21 36 70 53, or contact Nicklas Simonsen at or phone no. +45 60 84 44 02.