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Ceramicgrades Kuglemåler

Bearing Know-how

As the first company to introduce ceramic bearings to cycling, and a pioneer of their use in industrial applications, we are at the very forefront of the ceramic bearings industry.

The knowledge we have built up within both cycling and industry enables us to consistently deliver CeramicSpeed bearings of exceptional quality, which provide solutions where other bearings fail. Close cooperation with our customers is key to our ability to develop the optimal solutions for their needs, whether for a specific application, or general use.   

The construction of CeramicSpeed bearings is state of the art. All the components used in CeramicSpeed bearings are carefully selected for their high quality, sourced from the best suppliers. The CeramicSpeed balls are of an outstanding quality, and their unique properties mean that they are better than both steel balls and other ceramic balls in every way. This gives the bearings extreme impact strength, superb longevity and the lowest achievable friction.

Our goal is to provide the market with high performance bearings that save watts and reduce friction. Thoroughly conducted tests prove that the CeramicSpeed bearings will help you to ride faster and use less energy. Yet, for those wanting to improve the performance with CeramicSpeed bearings even further, we have expanded our product portfolio with the fastest chain in the world, CeramicSpeed UFO Chain. Tests made by Friction Facts shows that you will save up to 2-5 watts with our chains. 

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