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BB65 LOOK, Coated

CeramicSpeed COATED BB65 LOOK bearing kit: Bearings for BB65 LOOK ZED frames and cranks.

Upgrade your LOOK bike with our unique COATED BB65 upgrade kit. Reduces friction significantly compared to the standard bearings.

In our coated bearings the raceway is coated with an ultra-thin (2-3 micron) protective layer, which is 75% harder than hardened steel, yet still flexible – so it doesn’t crack; this reduces friction even further, while increasing resilience to water, salt, dirt and other foreign objects.

CeramicSpeed BB's offer extremely low friction and longer lifetime. The unique CeramicSpeed ceramic balls are of the highest achievable quality and out-perform everything else in the market.

Spacers are not necessary for this product and the system is super stiff and efficient.

CeramicSpeed bearings are handmade in Denmark and are used by professional teams like Astana Pro Team, Pro Team Tinkoff-Saxo, MTN-Qhubeka, CULT Energy Pro Cycling and professional MTB team Superior-Brentjen and Team Specialized Racing.

Product specification
Frame fit Color Coated Axle Width Weight
BB65 - 65mm Nature 50mm LOOK 90 90g

Package contains
- 2 x BB65 bearings
- Seals
- Grease
- Sticker sheet

Add grease and mount seals before installation

Product summery

  • Category: Bottom Brackets
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