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Leje Krank

New CeramicSpeed Bearing Products

New products are always in the pipeline!

For industrial applications the wide variety of parameters involved means that it is necessary to treat each application on an individual basis. While 2 bearings may have the same dimension, the optimal solution may vary from factory to factory, and application to application. For this reason we provide a custom solution for the specific environment where the bearing will be used.

Products for cycling: We strive to provide bottom brackets, pulley wheels and wheel kits, which fit most bike brands. In order to achieve this we continually develop new products, and expand our product range. Our latest product expansion is the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain. The fastest chain in the World. All our products are developed with the aim of providing the absolute best performance in their class, and each product is thoroughly tested before entering the market.
CeramicSpeed newest invention; the Oversized Pulley Wheel System, is proven to be better and are produced to answer the growing demand for lower friction and more effective drivetrain.       

Whether for cycling or industry, our no-compromise approach to quality is crucial to developing CeramicSpeed bearings! Our bearing components are individually selected for their high quality, and matched perfectly together, while always maintaining our focus on what we want our customers to experience: Bearings which increase performance and extend longevity – achieving optimal results in cycling disciplines and leading to optimal savings in industrial applications, by saving on maintenance and increasing production efficiency.

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