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CS Kugler

CeramicSpeed Balls

CeramicSpeed use silicon nitride balls of the highest quality available. Quality standards are set by the aviation industry, and are only met by a very small number of manufacturers in the world.

In addition to their use in bearings, these unique balls are also used in high pressure valves in common rail pumps, in diesel motors and other valve types.

We always have 150 different ball sizes in stock, ranging from 2.5 mm to 50 mm. Our prices are competitive, and we have a short lead time.  

Advantages of CeramicSpeed LongLife Ceramic Balls

  • Why hybrid bearings
    Ceramic balls
    Reduced wear on the valve seat
  • Tighter fit – remains tight at higher pressure
  • Doesn’t rust
  • 63 % stiffer – reduced warp
  • 58 % lighter
  • Consistent high quality
  • Not brittle – can resist blows and shocks. See this test
  • Extremely hard, smooth and round
  • Guaranteed against stray currents
  • Reduced wear, and doesn’t crack from contact with metal

Typical applications

  • Ball valves
  • Insulating against electric currents / heat
  • Polishing
  • High pressure valves
  • Hydraulics

If you have any questions, please contact us. You can do so by calling us at +45 9740 2544 or us at email bearings@ceramicspeed.com.