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Maximise your production output with CeramicSpeed bearings!

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With monitoring you know precisely where and when maintenance is needed

Tilstandsbas Over Small

Good results are obtained in the industry with monitoring based on vibration analysis. With surveillance it is now possible to plan your maintenance more precise and achieve even better results. This gives you the opportunity for better maintenance and the best optimisation. 

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And learn how hybrid bearings can improve your maintenance and reduce operating costs.


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Our cases

Experience what CeramicSpeed Bearings have done for our customers and how the bearings have reduced their operating costs and thus increased their competitiveness.

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Sfaerisk Rulleleje Logo24-8 times longer lifetime

Many companies have significantly reduced operational costs with CeramicSpeed Bearings with a lifetime that is 4-8 times longer than steel bearings. Often the CeramicSpeed Bearings have a lifetime which is up to 20 times longer. The expenses connected to replacing bearings - in terms of labour, materials and downtime in production are significantly reduced with the extended lifetime.

Danish Crown case

Top 10 applications for CeramicSpeed Bearings

Thanks to the unique properties of the CeramicSpeed Balls, our bearings are designed to fit various applications.

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We work with complete solutions - not only bearings

For us, it is all about optimisation and reduced operation costs. Therefore, we provide high-quality products and consultancy within linear motion technologies, coated parts and seals.

Complete solutions reduce costs

Improved operating costs


CeramicSpeed Bearings have 
extended lifetime, and you
improve your production efficiency.       

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Bearings with Silicon Nitride balls

Kugle 5 32The balls have an extreme hardness and smooth surface and perform better than steel balls in every way.        

Bearing properties